Prior Knowledge

So when this school year started, I had resigned my self to subbing until an opportunity “came along”.  I was feeling pretty good about my slice of life, but still did not want to deny my self opportunities so I continued to apply for jobs here and there.  Lo and behold, 8 weeks into the school year, a phone call comes through, and then yadda yadda yadda.  Here I am, 10 weeks into the school year, a brand new 5th grade teacher.

SOOO, not only am I starting a school year late (thus splitting 2 classes into 3) but I am also a first year teacher.  This being said, I am anticipating not only lots of excitement but adventures as well.

Following are the recounts of these adventures and tribulations…or better yet THE CONFESSIONS OF A FIRST YEAR TEACHER (weekly updates guaranteed)!